No Room for error

Poka-Yoke (Poh-kah YOH-kay) is a Japanese term meaning “error proofing” and that’s exactly what we do. Through deep exploration and understanding of your businesses goals, values, and processes, we improve your operational efficiency, in turn helping you run things with less error, higher profits, and more clarity.

We Design Efficient

We Create Company

We Support M&A and Exit Strategies

We Transform Culture and Workforce




The Ops Toolkit

A great starter option to kick off your organization’s operational foundation.

  • Plug-and-play templates for implementing standards across People, Process, and Systems.
  • Instructions for operational efficiency.
  • Implementation strategy, no matter your company’s size.

Yes Please!

ops acceleration

An elevated option to organize the operational complexities between people, processes, and systems.

  • Unique and bespoke operations support, custom to your company.
  • Personalized strategic Action Plan.
  • Heart-driven implementation.


custom playbooks

We pull together your company processes and policies so you can train and onboard your team with ease. 

  • Online and centrally accessible.
  • We do all the heavy lifting so your staff can remain focused on their jobs.
  • We identify gaps and recommend solutions



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