Kindness: The Natural Process and System Integrator

Kindness in the workplace is nothing short of transformative. Becoming a leader in workplace kindness is revolutionary in this day and age, and ensures your organization stands out from the rest. 

Kindness is incredibly motivating, and cultivates loyalty amongst employees. We’ve seen it time and time again with our clients about how important (and undervalued) the power of kindness can be. 

Acts of kindness don’t have to be grand or overt. Sometimes, the most simple acts of daily and random kindness are the most moving. Here are a few ways we walk the walk and talk the talk here at Poka-Yoke Solutions when it comes to workplace kindness:

  1. Don’t interrupt. This cannot be overstated how important it is!
  2. Invite new coworkers to join for lunch or coffee. Bring it to their desk or send a coffee gift card!
  3. Celebrate your team members accomplishments and workplace wins. Loudly and proudly is best!
  4. Pitch in to help a coworker meet a deadline.
  5. Be a cheerleader for your coworkers and employees’ good ideas. Encourage an open flow of idea sharing.

We challenge you to interweave these into your everyday interaction and watch the benefits begin to blossom. We trust you’ll find that every day acts of kindness inspire others to be leaders, become confident in their own ideas, and create an actively inclusive culture. These tangible benefits lead to a happier and more fulfilled workforce, which decreases employee turnover. 

All roads lead back to kindness. If you’re ready to partner with an Operations Agency that understands the importance of people management through the transformative power of kindness, book a call! For more helpful workplace solutions, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. 

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