Step Into Your Value: Our CEO’s Latest Book!

Here you are, on the verge of becoming the next level of you.

So keep on going then.


You’ve done harder things than today.

Get up and do the thing that will make you great.

This is your life. This is your day. Do the things you need to do to make yourself the person you want to be.

These things.. are who you are.

These things… are who you are meant to be.

Erica Quigley is the leader that has given all of us at Poka-Yoke Solutions: The Ops Agency an incredibly valuable company to work for. Don’t think you think it’s ironic that stepping into her value has given us value? Well…maybe not so ironic.

Erica rose through the ranks of Corporate America, but putting her well being on the back burner and de-prioritizing her mental and physical well being. Her story is so deeply relatable if you’ve ever been in a high stress situation in which you felt like your value was derived from the worth you provided at your job and for others (so… just about all of us).

“The traditional dogma that has you believe you always have to work harder and harder and work more hours to earn money just isn’t true.”

Stepping into her value, Poka-Yoke Solutions was born in 2018 out of the desire to not only make the impossible possible, but to teach others that it could be done through a beautiful synergy of processes, systems, and people implementation and management.

Here are a few transformational bites of wisdom that are part of this quantum leap:

Your Brain doesn’t move forward with logical steps unless your Heart is in it, too. If your Heart is in it but your Brain isn’t – there is no forward momentum.
Time isn’t your value, it’s knowledge.
External validation isn’t sustainable. The only way to achieve true success is acknowledging your inner worth and giving yourself validation.


There is only a sampling of the step-by-step guide to take your own quantum leap. Whether that quantum leap is taking your business, or yourself personally, to the next level.”

When Erica was running global operations at a technology company and taking meeting after meeting to take the stress off of her team, she was devaluing herself and her dreams. Because she stepped into her value, it has created an incredible domino effect of inspiration that has propelled all of us at Poka-Yoke Solutions: The Ops Agency to step into our value and help 40+ organizations across 24 industries do the same through expert knowledge in processes, systems, and people management.

Get your copy on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or order from your favorite local bookstore–  and let us know about your quantum leap.

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