2023 Workplace Trends That Are Here to Stay

As the new year begins, we’re poised to reflect upon how the workplace has continued to shift. 2022 was a year of playing catch up. 2023 was about asking ourselves if the solid ground we’re working to rebuild is what we really want – and need

The stressors and challenges of the post-2020 workforce haven’t changed, and organizations are still dealing with the same troubles of staying relevant – and competitive – while facing employee turnover, a disjointed workforce, and a growing demand from within the organization to be the best in class.

With gratitude to Harvard Business Review for an introspective look into our collective minds, we’re giving you the PYS take on what we’ve noticed in the workplace in 2023, and what that means for 2024’s trajectory.


Flexibility in when, how, and where you work.

Rigidity and lack of flexibility is so last year! There is a 50/50 split between hybrid or a fully remote team. Each option has a host of benefits. A hybrid team gives everyone an outlet to connect and engage in person while still paying homage to a world that’s irrevocably changed. Fully remote teams are embracing the new world that we have found ourselves in, and are leaning into a diverse talent pool outside of the HQ’s zipcode.

Bottom line: We’re not all in the office anymore, rolling up to each other’s desks asking for an on demand file and knowledge transfer. At this juncture, adequate processes and systems won’t cut it. Comprehensive and expansive processes and systems are the bridge for hybrid and remote workplaces.


Prioritization of diversification of talent and experience.

If you’ve ever heard the saying “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’ ‘ it’s relevant for 2023 and beyond. The more diverse in thinking, understanding and experience, the better the end result. The same conclusion can be drawn for external partners.

Consulting the same pool of partners over and over again expecting to revolutionize your operations (or none at all – yikes)  just isn’t going to cut it anymore. It’s time to think outside the box with a set of diverse skills and experience with decades of experience navigating through change management.

Bottom line: Hey, that’s us!

Getting a firm handle on the pros and cons of AI.

Whether or not we like AI and its effect on all of us in another story entirely. However, the exponential relevance of AI is non-negotiable. From chat GPT to wearable tech it’s  evolving faster than many of us can keep up with… even those of us who would be considered tech aficionados! 

Bottom line: Account for this increased use of technology in your processes, procedures, roles and responsibilities, and SOPs. How does it affect your team? How can it be leveraged? Continuous updates of these documents is the key to navigating the turbulence. 

Holding leaders accountable for showing up for their team.

Not communicating is so 2010! Team members expect more from their leaders, including communication plans and an in-depth understanding of change management plans and how it affects roles and responsibilities. If you don’t provide this for your employees, the talented leaders in the organization will find another workplace that meets their needs. Retaining top talent meets treating them as such – with a high level of unparalleled communication.

Bottom line: Bringing us into your organization means we revolutionize, re-design and reimagine, and subsequently effectively communicate the changes from senior leadership. These changes are only meaningful if the team knows about them!


Design, build, and reimagine processes, systems, and people work with our team.

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