Operational Procedures: The Key To Solve A Scarcity Mindset 

Are you operating with a scarcity mindset? If the answer is yes – you’re not alone. If the answer is no…perhaps you can’t be so sure.

It’s taken hold of so many of us as we have become a siloed and digitally driven workforce. And let’s face it, these past few years in our world have been anything but stabilizing. Scarcity is the new norm and you’re not a failure for falling into the thinking traps of that mindset.

We’re here to challenge your thinking, and encourage you to change the narrative.

Scarcity in the workplace can look like fear, disengagement, and comparison. Here’s what it looks like, and how to fix it.

    • What it looks like: If finger pointing, ridiculing, and publicly belittling others is the norm, this is a massive contributor to a scarcity mindset.
  • How to fix it: You will make mistakes. Your employees will make mistakes. Your colleagues will make mistakes. Dehumanizing others in a tit-for-tat manner does nothing but create fear and promote shame. 


  • What it looks like: “Why can’t you get tasks done like Sarah?” “Roger did it perfectly. Just ask him.”
  • How to fix it: Everyone possesses unique capabilities and strengths. Not everyone learns the same way, or thinks through problems in a similar manner. Uplifting and motivating your employees – empowering them – with resources, support, and examples are the only way forward. Poorly delegating to make it someone else’s problem begets a more and more intense scarcity mindset.


  • What it looks like: Do your employees feel like you’ve got their back? Do your employees feel they have permission to think outside the box? Or, do your employees feel like nothing they say matters?
  • How to fix it: Are you modeling thinking outside the box for your team? Are you publicly supporting your employees’ new ideas and encouraging their feedback?

The true key to solve the scarcity mindset is, of course, abundance and vulnerability. But, processes and systems provide the vehicle to better encourage that abundance. It’s a daily reminder of the resources at your fingertips, the information you possess, and the empowerment you have to find solutions. Moreover, the quickness of which you can access a network of support. If you’re ready to abandon your scarcity mindset, book a call.

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