Elevating Your Daily Operations: Day-to-Day Issues That Are Holding Your Organization Hostage

In our line of work, we see a multitude of day-to-day issues that can be attributed to missing foundational operations work. This is particularly evident when we sit down with various team members during the initial listening stages of our work.

These are some incredibly common operational stumbling blocks…but it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve compiled the most common operational mistakes we encounter that are evident to the CEO, Managers, and Assistants… and how to fix it.

  • Lacking Clear Metrics and Data

Nothing substantial or meaningful can be accomplished without clear, concise, measurable data over a significant period of time. So – where do you start? Chances are, you might have a system in place but have no idea how to use it. Or, perhaps you don’t even have a system in place and need to acquire one. Whatever your situation is, we can help. But, the bottom line is that a business cannot move forward or make any progress without understanding the current landscape as it relates to revenue, inventory, and billing.

  • Overlooking – Or Pushing Through – Bottlenecks

Pushing your way through a broken system and saying “it is what it is” is just as dangerous as overlooking and ignoring a bottle necked system. 7 times out of 10, everyone is clear where the issue lies but there is a lack of expertise and know how to fix the problem. That’s where we come in.

  • Neglecting the People Component 

This might be the most underrated element – but the most fun. Consider the possibility that one of your employees may have brought these issues to you before. Did you take that into consideration, or fail to do so before it became an unignorable fire? Solid, successful operations work takes buy-in from everyone, top down. We’ve learned that it’s critical to bring everyone along with you when making successful changes, but also to acknowledge if these issues were already brought to your attention with a failure to launch. Communication and giving due credit are big components of success. We’re pros at this.

  • Failing to Pivot!

Speaking of failure to launch… it’s imperative to understand that the same thing you’ve been doing is not working. The willingness to pivot, relaunch, and change plans is an incalculable factor of success. Switch it up. Try something new. Innovation and upgrades are calling! This is our area of expertise.

If these day to day issues are familiar, you’re in need of our Operations support. Book a call and elevate your operations work with the team at Poka-Yoke Solutions.

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