How Operations soothes the sunday scaries

Sunday evenings often come with a familiar feeling of apprehension that have come to be known as the “Sunday scaries.” As the weekend winds down, the looming workweek can cast a shadow over what should be a relatively routine day. So, what’s the origin story of the Sunday scaries? 

It comes down to a lack of preparedness, or a detriment of a solid operations foundation. With integrated process work and system implementation, you should know exactly what lies ahead of you. Sunday scaries come from a lack of knowing, understanding, and not being able to anticipate what comes next. 

Let’s eradicate the Sunday scaries once and for all by mapping out the terrain with Operations work. 


Process Documentation Sheds Light on the Unknown

Uncertainty thrives in the shadows of undocumented processes and procedures. When you shine a light on the unknown with meticulous, detailed documentation you clear out the “what if” “what happens next” and “why” that can cause anxiety, frustration, and fear associated with the Sunday scaries. There’s no laying in bed early Monday morning dreading going to work because you don’t know what comes next.


Embrace Technology with Systems that Anticipate

Modernize your systems (project management, ERP, CRM) to anticipate needs, challenges, and issues that would typically fall on one employee to act as a human reminder. Implementing intelligent automation and predictive analytics in every touchpoint not only provides valuable insights, but a sigh of relief. You’re better equipped to handle unforeseen issues when you already know what to expect in your day-to-day and prepare accordingly.


Breaking Down Silos With A Communicative Culture

Continue to keep the communication channels open. Always if you think there aren’t updates, or you don’t have time, or it’s not a priority. Keep the standing meeting. Schedule regular 1:1 meetings (weekly, bi weekly, or quarterly) with colleagues. Breaking down silos and encouraging cross collaboration ensures everyone is on the same page, minimizing the risk of misunderstandings that cause Sunday scary levels of fear, uncertainty, and doubt.


At the onset, Operations work appears to be proactive. In actuality, Operations work is a relief. It’s preventing problems, eradicating issues before they arise. Process, system, and people work keeps you regularly engaged and anticipating issues before they become a crisis. To bring this level of systemic relief to your organization, book a call with our Founder and CEO.

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